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Student Spotlight

by Mr. Kevin Spurgin
The Student in the Spotlight for November 2017 is Nohemi of A+ Academy Secondary!

Nohemi is a very friendly and hardworking person here at A+ Academy Secondary. She likes to learn and laugh, and you help out at the front office.

Nohemi is currently looking at Culinary Arts schools because she has her eyes set on becoming a Pastry Chef.

When asked what she thought the top 3 things that helped contribute to her success and achievements are, she said:

1. Patience
2 Taking advantage of any help that she gets
3. Being Productive

When asked what she would have done differently in high school, Nohemi wishes she had taken the work from her years beginning high school more seriously.

Her top priority right now is to try and do better in her classes.

We are very proud of Nohemi and know she will have great success in the future!!!

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