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A+ Academy Secondary Knightettes Lend a Helping Hand to Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Scholar part of Knightettes helps load boxes onto truck


The A+ Academy Secondary Knightettes put aside their own group fundraiser, to help in donating dozens of boxes filled with supplies to the Inspired Vision Compassion Center this week, in an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As soon as students and staff arrived to campuses last Monday, they began discussing the most effective actions they could take to help their Texas neighbors. The following day, Karen Belknap, owner of Inspired Vision Compassion Center, and 1998 founder of A+ Charter Schools, Inc., reached out to the community for assistance in providing food and supplies for evacuees currently in Dallas, who had been stopping by the Center in search of help.

The Knightettes, from A+ Academy Secondary, and the BFF Club from Inspired Vision Secondary, immediately took the lead at their schools, and partnered with the Compassion Center to collect donations.

The Knightettes began their collection first, and on Thursday, loaded up the Compassion Center truck with dozens of boxes of clothes, blankets, toiletries, crafts, toys, and much more.

Students and Leader of Compassion Center, Teadran White, loading boxes of supplies into truck
Knightettes & Manager of Inspired Vision Compassion Center, Teadran White, load boxes of clothing and supplies into the truck

Knightettes load boxes into truck taking supplies to Inspired Vision Compassion Center


The Inspired Vision Secondary ‘BFF Club’ will be collecting items through this week, in order to continue helping as much as possible. They are collecting blankets, toiletries, arts & crafts, toys, school supplies, and non-perishable food. Items can be dropped off at:

Inspired Vision Secondary
8501 Bruton Rd.
Dallas, TX. 75217

If you or someone you know has had to evacuate to the Dallas area due to the hurricane, the Inspired Vision Compassion Center has food, clothing, & supplies available for adults and children. No appointments are necessary, just stop by Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM

Inspired Vision Compassion Center
9424 Military Parkway
Dallas, TX.



Thank you, A+ Academy Knightettes, for stepping in to lend a helping hand when you saw a need! 




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