A+ Charter Schools’ Scholars Participate in ‘The Big Thank You’`

Superintendent of A+ Charter Schools, Brenton White, makes it his daily mission to help people, not only through his leadership in education in Southeast Dallas, but also by his profound role as a volunteer in the community,  and his infectious inspirational attitude which helps reinstall in people the belief that they can be a force of change in…

A+ Academy: Building a Quality Public Education

Have you been missing the construction development of our A+ Academy Secondary campus expansion? No worries! You can watch the project from start till now in one minute with our time-lapse video! For continuous updates, please visit our website at http://www.apluscharterschools.org/apps/news/article/617888, and watch the walls go up from our live-feed camera!  

A+ Academy JV Lady Knights #FTW

Congratulations to our A+ Academy JV Volleyball Team for their win tonight, and advancing to quarterfinals! We are so proud!  #KNIGHTPRIDE

Inspired Vision Elementary: Headed to Championship Victory

Congratulations to our Inspired Vision Elementary Flag Football Team for making it to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! They will face ‘La Academia de Estrellas Elementary’ this Wednesday at 7:00p.m. (See the flyer for more details.) We’ll see you there!

A+ Academy Secondary: Lady Knights Advance to Regionals

Our A+ Academy Secondary JV Volleyball team is headed to regionals after a tremendous victory at last week’s Round Robin, resulting in a 7-1 final score! Congratulations, Lady Knights! And a huge congrats and THANK YOU to their coach, Tammy Valdez, for her incredible leadership to these young women! Regionals begin October 21st–save the date!…